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Shaya’s Story – Let’s Honor the Spirit Of the Season

Posted on Dec 28, 2004 in Internet Profits Tips

Today, in honor of this season of giving and joy, I have a special gift for you. It comes not in a box with a big, red ribbon, but in the unadorned text of the message you’re about to read. It reveals one of the great secrets of marketing, of life, of how to connect with people, and, most of all, how to experience unsurpassed joy any time you wish. If you read every word that follows, don’t be...

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Magazines Online: They’re Finally Getting It

Posted on Apr 6, 2000 in Internet Profits Tips

  Looking back it’s amazing to recall that magazines were once considered the best-positioned companies to succeed online. In the ancient days of the early 90s, magazines seemed to have it all: a brand name, years of archived editorial content, a deep list of advertisers who could be lured to the exciting new world of banner ads. Banner ads would produce the revenue to make it all profitable....

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