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How Crap Can Dramatically Boost Profits

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How Crap Can Dramatically Boost Profits


You’re about to discover something that I honestly believe can CHANGE YOUR LIFE. This is a concept that drives my marketing. This concept continues to make me a small fortune. Today I want to share this concept with you.


14 Link Exchange Strategies To Boots Your Internet Profits (P1)

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Another month is gone and another issue of my Internet Marketing Profits newsletter is available online. Because I normally write long issues, I cannot post them entirely into this Internet Profits Blog, but I will outline couple of good things.

The first article is called “14 Link Exchange Strategies To Boots Your Internet Profits (Part 1)“. Inside of this article you will discover why link exchange strategies with related web sites are an important part of a search engine optimization and:

– how to choose your partners wisely

– what to do in order to avoid link dilution


How To Make Profits Off Your Blog

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How To Make Profits Off Your Blog

You pound on the keyboard each day, broadcasting your unalloyed truths to the world (or at least to friends and family) via your blog. Unfortunately, earning such singular authority demands serious time and energy, and what begins as a hobby can quickly start seeming like Job No. 2 — sans paycheck.

But haven’t you heard? You can turn your Web log into a digital cash cow. Simply choose among these techniques (but keep in mind that it’s not all free money — come tax season, Uncle Sam gets his fair share).


Build Your Email List… And I Will Double It

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If you’ve ever tried to generate an income from the Net you’ll know that the single, greatest asset to online success is ‘the mailing database’.

The Internet is entering a revolutionary new era in lead generation and contact database building; today I’m inviting you to take part in its launch.

It involves an advanced technological innovation not seen before — this is a genuine system developed by a truly innovative and highly regarded company.

Using ListCrew, you will effortlessly generate limitless leads… completely cost-free… then we’ll double them, over and over, and over. Absolutely, totally free!


How To Grow a Highly Responsive Email List

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How To Grow a Highly Responsive Email List


Here’s another article I read yesterday. It covers a great topic: how to build a highly responsive email list in order to skyrocket your internet marketing profits.

If you are a subscriber of my Internet Profits Newsletter>, you remember perhaps one of my article written in May, 2003. It was called “Kick-Starting E-mail Profit List Growth From One Single Shot!” .

The story was simple and I will quote a small part here:


A Wonderful Six Month Adventure On Me!

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Dear Friend,

I’d like to buy you the personal development and financial enrichment adventure of a lifetime.

It won’t cost you a thing!

Nor do you have to leave the convenience of your home to experience its rewarding promise.


Secrets of the Super Affiliate Mindset

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Contrary to popular belief, super-affiliates don’t really DO things differently than affiliate underachievers. Super-affiliates promote the same products. They use the same SEO techniques.

They have the same headaches. And they work just as hard.

But super-affiliates THINK differently. Their minds and attitudes go far beyond the commission check. For them, affiliate marketing is not just a business. It’s a CAREER. And that professional mindset makes a huge difference in how and when they take action in the marketplace.

I’ve worked side by side with many super-affiliates. I’ve even helped create a few. They all share a special kind of mindset. So as you read these 10 characteristics of affiliate super-achievers, ask yourself, “Could I learn to think this way?”


The 10 Principles of Successul JV’s (Part II)

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In the first part, we discussed Roy Neuberger’s 10 Principles for Successful Investing – and I transposed is priniples to apply to, in an admittedly liberal fashion, the art of Joint Ventures.

Many people give reasons why their joint ventures – or success in general – ultimately end up failing.

Some say you need to be more spiritual, and that the Law of Attraction determines everything. To be sure, I believe spirituality is important to one’s well-being and relationships (at least mine).

But when you read that a man who celebrated his 100th birthday in 2003, ran a multi-billion dollar investment bank, and never had a losing year actually identifies himself as an atheist (who abandoned his religion at a young age and couldn’t understand why people are spiritual)…